Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tidy Loaf Step 1: Pre-ferment

I like the yeasty and slightly sour flavor that an initial fermentation adds to the loaf. If there isn't time I skip letting the dough sit and proceed to mixing the Tidy Loaf.

For the pre-ferment add 1 tsp yeast and approximately 1 cup bread flour. 
Stir to mix the yeast and flour and then add one cup of galley temperature water.  
Continue stirring to combine yeast, flour and water. 
Water to flour ratio is 1:1 by volume in the pre-ferment. About one third of the total amount of flour has been added at this point.
Pre-ferment in action. The holes in the lid allow CO2 to escape. Leave the spatula in the bowl to avoid cleanup between steps.

Let the dough pre-ferment at galley temperature for several hours to several days. 

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