Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tidy Loaf Step 3: Form a Loaf

The challenge in this step is shaping a loaf without making a mess or deflating the dough. The trick is to use a small amount of oil to encourage the dough to drop out of the bowl onto parchment paper. Then use the paper to handle the loaf. I put the paper on Sweet Pea's stove cover, which makes it easy to move to the oven in the final step.

The rise is complete. Add a small amount of oil to the top of the dough. 
Using the spatula, gently spread the oil over the top of the dough and then work it down the sides of the bowl.
Use parchment paper to handle the loaf.
Invert the bowl on the paper and wait until the dough drops from the bowl. 
The dough lands oiled side down. Notice the oiled sides, which helped release the dough from the bowl.
Use the paper to fold the dough, sticky sides together. 
Gently peel back the paper after folding the dough. 
Shape the loaf by gently running the spatula along the sides or tugging on the ends.  Retain as many fermentation bubbles as possible.
Roll the loaf on the paper until the seam side is down. 
Clean up is easy and uses little water.

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