Friday, May 25, 2012

Tidy Loaf Step 5: Bake

Sweet Pea's stove cover functions much like a peel when I transfer the loaf to the oven. With practice I find that I can, with a quick motion, slide the parchment paper onto the oven rack.

Slide the loaf into a 475 degree oven, still on the parchment paper. After 10 minutes, use the paper to flip the loaf over and remove the paper.

The paper removes easily. The tab makes it easier to flip the loaf. 
Bake until the internal temperature is 205 degrees. 

Cool on a rack or dish drainer to avoid a soggy bottom. 

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  1. Philip, Thanks for sending me the Tidy/Peasant
    Loaf receipe. Anxious to attempt when return home. As I said I am so not a cook.
    Restless Spirit 32 Nordic Tug , Melbourne,Fl
    Tonia & John Britain